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    Krasiva said:
    I think over the past 2 years albanian music gained on quality, they r trying to keep up with the other balkan countries, and they started so produce all-english tracks, thats nice, actually until a year ago i didnt like albanian music
    Since I know Flori Mumajesi I love it haha <3
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    mariusmxm said:
    wow Very nice music and girls , I think that Albanian looks like French and Greek in one place. )
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    Krasiva said:
    i can show you good channels if u want

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    mariusmxm said:
    I don't know any albanian songs, can you send me?
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    Krasiva said:
    omg i subscribed a few weeks agoi think. You are always the first channel i check when I log in
    Amazingggg ur cool lets be friends
    u like albanian music?
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    mariusmxm said:
    Yes I am , Thanks
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    Krasiva said:
    You are that person from the youtube channel mariusmxm???
    If yes, GREAT WORK!