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    Dzomba said:
    Partizan and Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) are the two biggest sport collectives in Serbia, and among biggest in this part of Europe. They are big rivals, and they have teams in almost every sport you can think of..
    Sadly no.. I can't even skate, actualy.. lol lol lol
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    mabushii said:
    Sorry I didn't reply, I haven't been on this site in a while lol. I think I might have heard the name lucic of a hockey player before, Who are the Partizan and the Zvezde grande? Are they teams? Of which sport? I heard of them and saw a video of zvezde grande singing oj, kosovo, but that's it xD Do you play hockey on the ice?
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    Dzomba said:
    Well, for Serbia national team and Partizan, of course...
    As for the NHL, I'm a Leafs fan, sadly... But, since they've not made the POs for, like, 8 years or so, when this time of the year comes, I have to chose another team to support.. I like the Bruins because of Lucic (I suppose you know about him, he's from Vancouver...), and also because they play tough hockey.. I don't watch the western conference so much, because of the (even greater) time difference and everything, but from there, I like the Wild and the Blues..
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    mabushii said:
    Oh really thats to bad There's not that much people in my town who are a fan of tennis either so I'm on the same boat xD Who do you usually cheer for in hockey?
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    Dzomba said:
    Sadly no.. I say sadly because I'm running a hockey forum...
    Just a few of us that go to the HK Partizan Belgrade games and watch NHL games.. Others, like most Europeans, love football (soccer), basketball, tennis, handball, voleyball etc.
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    mabushii said:
    (I hope you don't mind I'm just going to post here so there isn't a big conversation on that topic xD) Wow you have so much nice information to say about Belgrade too bad I can't say that much for the town that I live in xD I have some family members and friends that live in Belgrade You are the first Serbian that I chatted with (or talk to) that's a BIG hockey fan Are there more BIG hockey fans in Belgrade that you know?