Conversation Between Katie13 and ShadowLeeSharp

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    Katie13 said:
    I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I didn't forget, honest! :P

    You ate my ninja carrots??!! :O Oh, well, now I'm offended!!

    And where have you gone? I just got here!! Sheesh... :P
  2. ShadowLeeSharp's Avatar

    ShadowLeeSharp said:

    Awh so that means yu forgot about me -3-. Swell.

    Oh, you don't have to say thank you because I've already ate them no way out now xD

    N ive disappeared too so don't worry!
  3. Katie13's Avatar

    Katie13 said:
    Heya Liv!!

    I'm sorry for disappearing, little sister...

    I was doing exams, I got distracted!! I'm ashamed... but still!! :P
    I'm back now, though, had my last exam yesterday! Let's get to it!

    Thanks for the ninja carrots

    Katie xx
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    ShadowLeeSharp said:
    Katie my big sister heyyy :0 !
    I miss you!! don't you understand that your one of the specialist ones here? And your lyrics are totally amazing that my mind literally essplodes cause of how clever you are with your writing? Huh?!

    How are you?? Again, I MISS YAH!

    *gives you baby ninja carrots in my memory*

    With love~ Livviana