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    amaryn said:
    These were absolutely my first words in your language. Teach me some more, pleezzeeee
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    amaryn said:
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    Dangerous & Moving said:
    Thank you! Happy New Year to you too
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    amaryn said:
    Happy NewYear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Finland! Snovom godom! (Yours is soon too I believe)
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    amaryn said:
    Spasiba, Angela, I have a concert in Russian language on November 11 and there's a lot of work to be done before that, even
    though I am about two weeks away in Roma during next month. Thanks for translating, now I know again a little more
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    Dangerous & Moving said:
    I see.. interesting =) Yeah, I'm from Croatia, student (studying russian and italian languages), in general I love languages and music too =) I'm singing and I hope in future I can combine singing and languages My name is Angela ^^
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    amaryn said:
    Hi! Just back from work= singing, guitar at hand and singing, audience partying in front of me, great night I am from Amsterdam,
    my profession is music, my hobbies are languages, travel, gym and making food and I am particularly interested in music of Balkan,
    South and Central America and Southern Europe. I live at the moment in Finland
    I began a Balkan thread some five months ago, which is doing well and I have made great friends on Forum over the past 1,5 year.
    You are from Croatia. What about you?
    Oh yes, my name here really is Amaryn, Double Moon in Egyptian Arabic, but I have a Italian name which I use pm!
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    Dangerous & Moving said:
    kk, then at least tell me something about you. What's your name, where are you from etc
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    amaryn said:
    You wrote to me in september 2010 The virtual world lets sometimes forget people already before they realize
    It doesnot matter, DM, we have some mutual friends though, like Ina and Haydee
    I just felt like saying hello to you here......
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    Dangerous & Moving said:
    First of all I don't even know who are you??? let alone thinking that you've forgotten me (?)