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    CZAREK2581 said:
    I think the best way to memorise them ,using them as much possible,so speaking i one of the most part for me if it goes about learning languages.Nothing else helps more than this in my opinion.
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    Ahlaam said:
    i think you are amazing how you do everything!

    can I ask how you memorise vocab?!
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    CZAREK2581 said:
    Yes u are very correct [B]Ahlam[/B](i would change a Lebanese into Syrian more).I know only few Lebanese people ,but i know many Syrian's(so Syrian dialect is much more understandable for me,however as u know they are very similar).Once you pick up one Eastern dialect for example Syrian(then you can claim i do understand Palestinian ,Jordanian and Lebanese.German language -well grammar sucks(I am focusing all the time on grammar stuff which is considered as very difficult and i must admit- it is),however my teacher says (Polish grammar is much more difficult and there are many irregular stuff in it -so myabe i should complain).German is not so melodical as arabic (however people ask me what kind of melody do I hear in arabic??In forthcoming week i am going to have my first speaking lessons so then i might say more .I am leaving in the end of the July so i don't have much time.I should study hard (but I am also busy with work,gym,saying good-bye to my family/friends/collegues.
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    Ahlaam said:
    im amazed that you know both egyptian dialect and lebenese - how do you keep this all inside your head?

    so according to my knowledge you know
    3)egyptian dialect
    4)lebenese dialect

    and are on your way to learning German.

    Please keep me some tips to learning language? because you seem so good at it and i am finding difficult to just learn arabic - !
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    Ahlaam said:
    what made you ask if its arabic or not?

    اسوأ احساس لما تكون مجهز نفسك كويس اوي لحاجه انت عايزها وفجأه تعرف انها مش هاتحصل... خصوصا ان بقالك كتيير مستنيها..
    This is my attempt @ translating it...
    The worst feeling is when you make yourself ready for something which you wanted... and but the you know it wont happen... generally/espeically when you've waited for so long...

    am i off?

    no one uses the egyptian thread anymore
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    Ahlaam said:
    you look tall
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    Ahlaam said:
    thanks. how did you learn arabic alphabet
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    CZAREK2581 said:
    these are two different words[have different roots]
    1.بصراحة have a rest =استريح=esterayya7 or ارتاح=ertaa7

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    Ahlaam said:
    whats difference between saying


    and have a rest/take a rest
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    Ahlaam said:
    sometimes i want to study but i give up. like because i dont know difference in sounds. and how tow rite. it seems so long and tedious trying to learn. have you studied from book kallimni arabi fi kulli haga