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    miss daisy said:
    oh you're turkish?!! then why did you want me to translate the turkish poem?!!
    no, I've never been to Turkey Hupfully will, soon
    WHAT'S THE movie's name?
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    who_cares said:
    hey hun do u know fast 5 films? I wan 2 download this nice film but where can I find 2 download link ? plz help me
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    who_cares said:
    I'm glad u 2 meet u hun,I'm from turkey. I live in istanbul since 1984 have u ever been 2 turkey ?
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    miss daisy said:
    yeah, i know u can speak english i was telling you about the poem
    I'm Farah, from Egypt..where are you from?
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    who_cares said:
    hh hunn dont worry bcuz I can speak english as u wish my name is engin and ur ?
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    miss daisy said:
    Hi umm..I don't speak turkish sorry you should post a translation request in the turkish thread
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    who_cares said:

    dear miss.Can someone please translate these lyrics for me into english.i am very curious to know what is being said.....thanks
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    miss daisy said:
    hi there