Conversation Between Oriee and Ghaly

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    Ghaly said:
    Yes, probably And Ottoman words are not very common anymore, eh. ^^
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    Oriee said:
    Probably because fettan is Osmalıca
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    Oriee said:
    I forgot to say, if you have any question or request please don't hesitate to let me know
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    Oriee said:
    Yes ofcourse dear friend
    I think It's important how people think and use their language when learning new laguage
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    Ghaly said:
    No, it is absolutely fine.
    Just thought, you might want to know!
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    Oriee said:
    Umm thanks for the info. I really didn't know that
    Thanks for telling me that kardeşim...
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    Ghaly said:
    I noticed you addressing most of the people as "arkadaş".
    Though this might be very nice to absolute strangers, in this particular forum (where [B]I[/B] assume us to be more than just merely complete strangers) it might give others the feeling, that you push them into the distance of ignorance (= not-knowing), though they are no COMPLETE strangers. It sounds just very... unpersonal.
    3adtan ma ngell shey aw ngell "kardeşim" aw, lo ba39'an fi 9digah, "canım" (w amma bass 3ala el a39'a2 el tnaseliyetek).

    Usually in Turkish, friends do not address each other by titles (such as "friend").
    We merely call out their names, or say "my little bro/sis" (kardeşim) to them, thus making them feel more familiar to us, than they actually are.
    (Kardeşim, however, is also very rare to be said to a friend.)

    Just so you know