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    Mimi0920 said:
    Hey, are you still around? How's it going with all your languages?
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Ooh, I'm kind of spreading myself thin.. I like learning a few things in many languages, rather than focusing too much... I guess I figure I'll learn by travelling and immersion

    Latin? I really like it... My French teacher started to teach it, so I picked it up a few years later... about 3 years after picking up French, Chinese and Spanish, I began Italian and Latin I started Russian this summer, and Romanian caught my interest last December... I learnt most of my Ro between January and March, though... Haven't learnt much since then, although I do understand a lot as well as trying to pick up more fluency

    I also have issues with my Italian... I throw in mostly Spanish and sometimes Ro I never get languages mixed up, but I am aware when I do this for lack of better words..I feel bad, 'coz Italian is the only language to which I do this mixing-up (but my teacher is ok with it, since she speaks Spanish )
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    Mimi0920 said:
    Just one word: WOW!!!

    I speak only English and German, learning Romanian and Greek... and I used to speak Italian (and now I can't say a single sentence cause only Romanian words come to my mind ... but I understand it)... learned French and Spanish in school too but never used them...

    Why in the world do you study Latin!?!? I had to study it at university and considered it pretty unhelpful (and complicated of course)... You're looking for challenges, aren't you?
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    dragonfly93 said:
    LOL, you should see my Ro grammar... It's not good I also understand a lot!

    I'm only fluent in English and French, and my French grammar isn't very proper My spelling is good, though

    I also study Spanish, which I'm very good at as well... Italian, of which I understand a lot... Latin ... Russian, more recently , my first Slavic experimentation... and Chinese, which I think I do well in, though I'm not fluent.

    Outside of lessons, I learn Romanian, Arabic, Greek and Polish as well as trying to pick up some Serbo-Croatian All done online!!
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    Mimi0920 said:
    Hey Well, I'm trying to learn a bit... How many languages do you speak? Or should I ask how many languages you don't speak - I've seen your posts spread almost everywhere here and I'm impressed I'm learning Romanian too but I'm still bad at it, even though I understand a lot
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Hi Mimi! I see you're picking up Slavic languages like Polish and Serbian