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    Zakynthos said:
    Hey, how are you?
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Zak, your poem "Better Days" has been highlighted on the "Poetry - General" thread, promoting ATL authors:

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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    P.S. I love your photograph to the < left!
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Dear Zak, in your poem Acoustic Illusion (very interesting and good, BTW!), the title is mis-typed. You spelled the word correctly every other place. ...And just to add my two cents worth: Acoustic is usually the best word to use nowdays, I agree with Teshka. "Acoustical" is the application of acoustics, the science of sound and vibration, in technology. It used to be that builders, in referring to reverberations, etc. in a room or building would refer to "acousticals;" now they just say "acoustics." "How are the acoustics in here?" ... Acoustical is usually only used as a more technical (scientific) word. Oh, except in music--the "acoustical guitar" for example; there again, the application/science of acoustics.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    I love hot weather too . . . by the sea / ocean !!!
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    Zakynthos said:
    Well, part of it. I know, the whole story is sad, I wish I could do something, but I'm not a firefighter nor I live near where fires mostly occur. Thank you for your sympathy.
    Now that the weather changed here, I was not able to go to the beach for a whole week. I used to go almost everyday and even my skin darkened. The first time I went to the beach, the sun was not very friendly to me though and I myself did not use protection against sunburns. So, I came back home with deep red chest and shoulders. It did not hurt but it was itching a lot and eventually a week after it started peeling. I still did not feel any pain. At least, from then on, I did not do the same mistake again.
    From tomorrow, it is going to be hotter like the old days. (: I love hot weather.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Please take a look:
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Zakynthos, your beautiful island...burning?! I am so sad for this--that it was intentionally done makes it even worse. Things like this break my heart too. Destruction of beautiful land, animals, sometimes homes. It is sad enough as an act of nature. Oh, sorry this is happening, You must not believe your eyes.
    Thank you for asking. Our weather did cool off temporarily; then became very hot again. One night at 9:30 p.m., the sun was down, the half-moon was up, and we were heading home. When we got in our car, the outdoor temperature was still 100F degrees. On other days, the "heat index" was between 108-110F degrees; but the real temperature was only 101. Tomorrow--our second hot weather streak should break and be bearable again!! ...My sympathies for you, your people and Zakynthos.
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    Zakynthos said:
    Hi "Ef Jasmine". I found a new name to call you. Is it still hot where you live? Here the temperature dropped and it has become very windy. I prefer very cold or very hot weather rather than rain and wind.
    Arsonists got the chance to burn my island and the rest of the country again. Yesterday there was a fire on the mountains and one house wrapped in flames. I could even see the fire from my house. Imagine a mountain burning, the sight was dreadful.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Zakynthos, First of all reassurances--no, I am not offend by Mixalopoulos's funny name for me at all! It made me laugh, and, as I said, it even came to feel like a term of endearment! Frankie Jasmine is not my real life name. I keep my privacy on the internet. This name comes from an American Southern novel called "The Member of the Wedding" by Carson McCullers, a modern classic. It is even more fantastic as a movie, believe it or not. This movie used to play on TV when I was a kid. I liked the odd, unusual, vocal character of the 12-yr-old "Frankie" whom the story revolves around. She's a Southern mess. Anyway, at one point she proclaims that her name is "Frankie Jasmine." She is slightly delusional, because of being so deprived of love and attention. Anyway, since a kid, I loved this dark movie. P.S. Jessamine/Jasmine etc. is in almost every language, and I love the intoxicating scent!