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    ciofi66 said:
    Hallo shehed, yes, I've seen that you're from India ^^..I had a dear indian friend in svizerland years ago, but he turn to India and we have no possibility to communicate :'( sad story..
    I'm a hungarian in's complicated...I'm in here to learn a bit farsi and about Iranian culture I'm soo interested in eastern countrys ))))

    What about you?
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    al_habibi said:
    ohho,namaste!! thats nice,so u caught it that imma Indian huh?
    well,where wud i find that where do u belong?

    me too Blessed.
    so what are u learning in here huh?
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    ciofi66 said:
    namaste, hello dear, very good thank you! ^^ 'n how are you?
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    al_habibi said:
    Hie,how are you doing?