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    beatrice_elena2010 said:
    ohhh hahahahaha as i said before...long time since i haven't camed online here that's why's not the same old one i told u about....with that one i ended few months after we met.didn't turn out to be what i was expecting and his love was more fragile than a glass...u,u.he was and he is a stupid selfish young boy which doesn't know how to appreciate the sacrificies one person does for him....
    anyway this boy i am with now...he's the best thing could ever happen to me...bcz he's mature and knows what he wants from the life.we r together since december last year and in january we got engaged.... we camed in cairo on the 27th of february and we decided to stay in egypt for a while...
    hahahahahaha just make sure u don't get caught on killing me..use the brain and make the perfect crime,sa7? :P:P:P:P

    love and kisses for u :*
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    Gole Yas said:
    helloo my dear ..
    im all goood, all going on well..
    how are you? happy i hope =P ?
    emm .. finace???????????????? WHY WASNT I UPDATED !!!!! anyway.. i wanted the glory of "I Told You So" o
    nothing new with life .. but im about to go on trial for murdering you for not telling me what happened !!!!!!! ill kill youuuuuuuuu !!!!!!
    hugs n kisses !!!
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    beatrice_elena2010 said:
    selam aleikum 7abibi :*:*:*:*
    sorry for the late reply..i've been so busy and i don't get to come online too much on the web...
    how's everything with u? long time since we haven't talked :/
    about me what can i tell...i've been in doha,qatar as u already know and now i'm with my fiance in cairo,egypt from the past 2 weeks...we're about to get married,inshallah after i finish with my papper work from the's a pain in the .... hahahahaha
    how r u ? what's new in ur life?
    lots of hugs :*
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    Gole Yas said:
    hello deaaarrrrrrrr. ..... how are you =O i miss you ! and miss our talksss !!!!!! where are you ! how have you been ! what are you up to!!! what's neww !! tell me tell meeeeeeeee
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    beatrice_elena2010 said:
    inbox inbox

    u'll have a surprise :P (^_^)
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    Gole Yas said:
    i miss you toooo
    how have you been sweet heart ?
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    beatrice_elena2010 said:
    missssssssiiiiinnnggggg uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :**********

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Boussa :******
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    beatrice_elena2010 said:
    u can say that i did...hehehehe nchallah it will get sth good from all of this...<3
    thanks for beeing here :*
    and really really..u gotta tell me sth new from ur life :P
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    Gole Yas said:
    ooohhh im soo happy for you, anything newww ?
    you took by my words =P ? or what?
    walla im all good, cant complain!
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    beatrice_elena2010 said:
    i'm really i am so fine....singing all day long
    how u've been?
    hows everything with u?