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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Thank you, Ghaly. I had not seen that response. I tried to do an advanced search for the song, without success. That feature rarely works for me. :S But thank you--now I have a translation and Turkish transcription.
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    Ghaly said:
    True. And we are one of the main reasons of weather changes. And we keep happily polluting the planet. But our dirty will soon come to life and bite us in the derrière.
    However, I prefer cold weather in Novembre and Decembre. Even though snow in Octobre is quite a rare phenomenon in Germany, seen only every 40 to 50 years, as someone stated it.
    And yes, I checked the translation - seems quite okay.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Yes, Ghaly, you are tooooo busy! Forget about my request (below). Well, at least your life is not boring, right?! Thank you, Ghaly, I'm doing well now . . . Dreading the cooler weather that's coming. Last year we wore summer clothes into December! THAT was wonderful!! But in these parts . . . you never know about the weather or seasons . . .
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    Ghaly said:
    Hey Frankie;
    I am a little busy with all the working and trying to find some good bargain on ebay, for I am changing my whole interior, as my mother is moving out to her boyfriend's. And then, there is school and I have to help out in my grandfather's tailoring & dry cleaning. Everything a bit filled up atm.
    And how are things with you?
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Ghaly . . . where are you?? Are you too busy with school/college? . . . Would you be interested to help me out with Turkish transcription and an English translation of a song? I had limited success getting translations in Turkish:
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    Ghaly said:
    I wish I lived in Bavaria, to be honest.
    Referenda and petitions of which are regularised in the free state of Bavaria. ;D
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Hi, Ghaly! How do you like living in Bavaria? (**tee-hee-hee**)
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    Ghaly said:
    Hey, dear Frankie!
    I just answered your question. It should be fine now.
    If, however, there appears to be another question, please do not hesitate to ask.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Dear Ghaly, how are you? Would you be so kind as to look at the "Doenmek" Turkish-English translation again, please? I have a few questions before posting the song on the "YALANCI YARIM SONGS" thread.
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Interesting, Ghaly. Thanks for the up-and-up. :l