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    Zakynthos said:
    Not sure if your last message was addressed to me, but no, I'm not in Groningen. A friend from Archaeology Faculty is there.
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    amaryn said:
    Were you in Groningen? I haven't visited Holland 4 years now, but soon I meet my sister in Amsterdam.....Hope your plans succeed!
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    Zakynthos said:
    Two friends are coming to Groningen for the winter semester.
    I'm planning for the Erasmus for the next year (2016), because entries are in spring.
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    amaryn said:
    Great to hear from you. You told me about the Erasmus project: Erasmus, the philosopher from Rotterdam, in days long gone. My dad was born there. I am fine, did some gigs last week and now just enjoying myself as summer approaches (apart from weather though). Take care!
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    Zakynthos said:
    Hello, Amaryn! Kalos sas eureka (vrika)!! University is fine, I'm thinking of the Erasmus project and which country to choose.
    How are you?
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Zak! How's university doing? I see you're here again! Kalos irthate
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Zak! Has university reopened by now. ? I was in Athens at the night airport in october, but I didnot have your phone number...
    Next time better I hope!
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    Zakynthos said:
    The administration staff is on strike because the government wishes to fire the 48% of the staff of the university (600 people approximately), especially the guards of it. And we're talking about the greatest universities in Europe. It's such a heavy blow to education. We might lose this term.
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    amaryn said:
    Do you know how long the strike lasts? And why? Do they make stricter regulations for students? Or sack professors?
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    Zakynthos said:
    I were in Athens for 3 weeks but returned to Zakynthos because my university is on strike since 10 Sep. And yes, I'm back on the forum.