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    afsaneh said:
    Here I found some of the songs of Khosro Ansari:

    Hope these are useful information, if you have questions again just ask me
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    afsaneh said:
    hi, Actually it is not a poem they are just parts of verse in persian poetry and Avaz (traditional vocal) which are repeated in many songs e.g. delam (my heart), jana, ay aman which are sung in most of traditional Avaz. One of the best masters of Avaz in Iran is Mohammadreza Shajarian. Listen to Shajarian's avaz here:

    In this soundtrack the avaz is Iranian but the music is western electronic and it is hybrid mystic music. Some of the artists that'd practiced this type are the group "Niyaz" and "Axiom of Choice". Here you can listen to them:
    Axiom of Choice:
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    jopras said:
    I have tried to post a message but may not have done it correctly.Thank you for the translation of Spygame soundtrack, it is spell binding! Could you tell me the name of this chant, and indeed if there is one,where I can get he full version of it. I have been trying for a long time for information. many thanks. Jopras.