Conversation Between Ahlaam and miss daisy

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    Ahlaam said:
    did you graduate
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    Ahlaam said:
    I really hope ur exams went well inshaAllah
    and I make do3aa Allah gives you the best results!

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    miss daisy said:
    The law confirming that hasn't been issued yet..w're still waiting for the decision of the supreme court about this matter..
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    Ahlaam said:
    is it true Ahmed shafiq is not eligible for elections? =/
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    miss daisy said:
    Well, first of all, he won't live another 25 years..He's already in his 80's and sick.
    other than that, I don't know. they can re-appeal, I really don't know what to expect..
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    Ahlaam said:
    do u believe mubarak will really have 25 years in prison? i believe they are just saying it but really wont keep him in prison
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    miss daisy said:
    you know el hizb el watany is the National Party that was ruling Egypt at the ties of Mubarak. So he probably means that the Ikhwan will control everything like the previous National party did
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    Ahlaam said:
    my teacher said to me that he doesnt like ikhwan al muslimeen because they will transform egypt into hizb watany - does he mean that the ikhwaan will try and make evertthing ikhwan ul muslimeen?
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    miss daisy said:
    It's very tense. The results were very shocking and surprising to everybody. It's true that the final results are still not out yet, but we can see how it's going. It's not that Ahmed Shafiq is going to be the president, it's that the re-run of the elections is going to be between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsy "The Muslim Brotherhood candidate''..and that's the worst scenario ever that no one thought was possible.. It's like choosing between two evils.. We're in a very critical situation right now :/
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    Ahlaam said:
    what is the atmosphere like in egypt now?
    is us tense cause I hear Ahmed shafiq us very
    close to being president