Conversation Between Ahlaam and amaryn

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    amaryn said:
    How I am? Not too bad, just busy right now, unusual really, as there's been hardly any work in wintertime.
    What about yourself? Enjoying the summer?
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    Ahlaam said:
    how are u?
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    amaryn said:
    A comma or two is not important. Your message was sweet and lovely, cheerful Thanks a lot! I am always happy to hear from you too
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    Ahlaam said:
    how are you my friend? its been a while. Thank u so much for your lovely messages u leave me and always dropping by my wall and leaving me a line or 2 that lets me know u remember me and thus makes me smile! (gosh that was a mighty long sentence, im sure there should have been a comma in there somehwere :P)
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    amaryn said:
    Hi How r you, Ahlaam?<3 Our newyear approaches andthat is traditional to wish one another well. So my wishes for you
    are nothing but positive ones Enjoy what you are doing, enjoy life, friendship, maybe love.
    May the year be full of it all!

    My friend is recovering slowly, but the future is insecure. He has chemotherapy now. A hard ordeal
  6. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:
    Thanks for wishing him well , Ahlaam He is 38 and a long stredge to go if he recovers well, but he'll have to learn to live with
    less lungspace and certain things he cannot do anymore, that is sure
    What have you been doing lately? And where are you just now?
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    Ahlaam said:
    im good thanks god. thank you very much for asking =)

    how old is ur friend?
  8. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:
    Well, that's very kind of you. He's back at home and slowly needs to learn t breath again. Recovering will take at least a year...
    After two weeks we know whether he has no other dangerous spots in his body. His wife looks after him at home, he
    has all comfort needed, they have changed the living room into a place where he can breathe, do exercises, watch videos,
    relax and smile as he is a real optimistic kind of person
    Thanks for asking Ahlaam, and nice to hear from you!
    How are you, by the way?
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    Ahlaam said:
    i wanted to ask how ur friend is...the one that was diagnosed with cancer
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    amaryn said:
    Saluti di Roma, Ahlaam! What a city! Time after time I love it really. How r u? Hope as well as the lady in the pic is suggesting