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    dark1979 said:
    Thank you!
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    r0r0_26 said:
    Hey, How about you post the thread about your song for hani shaker and send me the link and I'll translate it for u and so that everybody can see the translation ok .. sorry for the late reply..
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    dark1979 said:
    Thank you so much for
    your reply r0r0_26, and
    thank you for being so
    nice with me!! I have a
    beautiful Egyptian song
    for Hani Shaker I Put the
    of this song with the link
    the arabic
    translation under an address ‎‏(أصاحب مين/هاني شاكر)‏
    I love this song so much
    everything in it, are beautiful the
    words, the tunes and
    sound of Hani Shaker is so
    warm. I wish from you to
    translate it, to
    English‏.‏‎ Will be a beautiful thing of you..... I have tried translation the song but my translation is not good...‎‏..‏I will not lose the hope I wait for your translation‏.‏‎
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    r0r0_26 said:
    wooowww thank youu a lottt I don't remember which song I translated tho
    I'm really glad I could help..
    if there's anything else that I can help you with with the translation let me know
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    dark1979 said:
    Thank you so much for
    translating the song,‎‏ ‏r0r0_26 !! Your
    translation is wonderful and
    beautiful!! I hope to be
    good with English like
    you. I do not know how to
    thank you...... Thank you a
    million times.