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    Eudaimon said:
    Well I mean, when they want to demonstrate the importance of tones in Chinese, they usually give examples like, "Depending on tones, the sentence "Shing ying wei ni bao" can mean "I will love you until my death", or it can mean "The green monkey has stuck between the boughs" " (this example is just from my head, but you know it's like this). So, is it easy to understand the singer if he sings the song in wrong tones?
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    helenefan said:
    You're welcome Eudaimon )
    You mean 'confusions' in what sense ? sorry I quite get the meaning )
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    Eudaimon said:
    Thank you for your answer!
    So, are any confusions connected with that possible?
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    helenefan said:
    Privet, Eudaimon )

    It is commonly seen that Chinese songs' tones in harmony with their melodies, but that's not a sine qua non, we don't have to do so
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    Eudaimon said:
    Hello Helenefan,
    would you mind me asking a question that has been teasing me for years?

    When you write a song in Chinese, do you have to make sure that all the tones correspond with the melody?