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    amaryn said:
    Prevjet Haydee. Kak dela? At the moment singing Notsj Svetla, myall time favourite...
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Haydee! IKak tebja zavut? Kak dela? Zdes vsjo vparjadke...Sorry, have no cyril available. Let me here your news, Haydee!
    Still in Moskva? I am recording soon "Notsj Svetla" in a studio. Hope all goes well, we practice guitarsolos a lot.
    Take care!
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    haydee said:
    No, nothing bad happened, I'm just not so much interested in learning languages than I used to be
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    amaryn said:
    There has been a documentary on TV where a Finnish guy travelled around Russia and met scores of folkmusic groups all over the country. Their names I never wrote down, but it sounded good, as they know how to sing harmonies and generally use clear, strong voices (not opera!) without being exaggerating I'll try to clear some of the names, don't know, if I succeed though!
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Haydee! I hope you weren't away that long because of bad news for you.. I have so many other things I like that ATL and twitter have to be restricted to a few hours per day. I'll answer your question about authentic folkmusic , but not now, as I have to go soon
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    haydee said:
    Hello! I am alive, thank you xD How are you? I haven't visit this forum for a long time, I don't do translations. What folkmusic do you listen to, is it authentic? For me pure folk is hard to listen .
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    amaryn said:
    Lol, haydee, are u alive and kicking or has mother Russia swallowed you? I've been looking close into russian folkmusic, absolutely stunning, this grand culture How r u?
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    amaryn said:
    Yes and no: certainly weird, strange voices, colours, doctors voices in the background as I was only partly under narcose
    not enjoyable, that's for sure But it's over and done with!
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    haydee said:
    great news! i'm very happy for you! but was it painful? ))
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    amaryn said:
    Eyesight improved a lot (85%) Haydee! I am a happy man! How r u? Kak zijvotje?