Conversation Between babymda and dark1979

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    dark1979 said:
    Hello again babymda!! I
    do not know from
    where I start or what
    I say!! Sometimes the
    disappear from my mind
    flying in the sky. No
    matter where I stand
    I'm alone, there are
    times my heart embrace
    low ........
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    babymda said:
    hello just missed it ty
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    dark1979 said:
    Hello to you babymda. I do not know, is there a mistake in my
    last message??
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    dark1979 said:
    Thank you so much for
    your reply, and nice to
    meet you again, ‎‏ ‏babymda!! I'm so
    happy because you are
    fine and I'm fine too. I do
    not think that
    you are too old for
    university or
    anything .......!!
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    babymda said:
    hello naseem i`m fine , thanks for asking..U? i know jordan :P i`m too old for school or uni`m not a student
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    dark1979 said:
    Hello‏ ‏to you babymda, nice to meet you again! How are you today? I hope that you ok? I
    would like talking with you...
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    dark1979 said:
    I am from Jordan. We are
    a small country only 6
    million people and we living a
    normal life like the others. If
    you have any questions, I
    am ready to answer them??
    Are you a student at
    school or university??
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    babymda said:
    my name doesnt mean anything our names dont have meanings as yours yes it is, ty u didnt tell me where are u from
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    dark1979 said:
    Well‏ ‏babymada, if this is not your real name,‎‏ ‏what your name means? I ask because I like know meaning of the names. You from Romania!!
    Very cool, I would like to
    get friends from
    distant countries. Your
    country is very beautiful!!!
  10. babymda's Avatar

    babymda said:
    Yw :P ow..very nice name mine..isnt my name actually is just a nickname :P and doesnt mean mean anything as well i live in Romania U?