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    ironynotlost said:
    Hi Katie,
    Thanks for encouraging me to re- post. That was a long time ago, but I don't know if I responded. I deleted a lyric or two, which you said was not the best way to invite commentary. Anyway, there's a couple from me on there now.
    I like some poetry, but mostly in songs. I'll look your's up.
    Thanks for your contributions.
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    ironynotlost said:
    Oops. How do I delete this?
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    Katie13 said:
    Hey. After seeing you make a rather valid complaint about the lack of comments and/or constructive criticism, I thought I would check out what you'd written, as I hadn't seen your name before.
    Just a note. Deleting all your songs maybe wasn't the way forward
    Hope I'll see some new stuff soon!