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    KathyB said:
    Hi Frankie,

    I have been writing since high school. Mostly poetry but then wanted to break into songwriting around 2004, That's the only reason I know what the difference between a lyric and a poem are...LOL....I am creating a site It's still under production but you take a look at it. Maybe there will be some info to help.
    No worries about DD I've got him...
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Hi, KathyB! I'm Frankie. BTW, D.D. posted a question to you on the "Honesty" song, did you know?
    Also, I have a request. I've written poetry all my life, but no one ever trained me in poetry. I saw this quote from you:
    "There are "tells" for a poem so that writer know the difference. For example: If a writing doesn't follow a song structure, No obvious title or the lyric isn't is classified as a poem..." I am just a member, not a moderator or anything like that. Would you be willing--since you must be educated in poetry--to start a discussion thread in the poetry section ABOUT poetry? I never heard of "tells" before . . . there are other things too that maybe off the top of your head you could share that would help educate me (us) with your knowledge of poetry. Another person educated in poetry is member Teshka; but she's gone until next week. It also could be an interesting topic (as well as educational) to read about!