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    Venomonology said:
    cool. I'll have a look & try to get through them.
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    _SBU said:
    Yeah, it requires quite a lot of knowledge of the series lore. and with that piece, some Norse to catch the Loki references. Other ones are probably better starting points.
    genII so far:
    My pieces there so far are: The Holder of Nurture, ..of Inspiration, ..of Tidings, ..of Menagerie, ..of Mischief.
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    Venomonology said:
    Just had a look and read "The Holder of Mischief" that you posted. Is that your most recent?

    While I obviously missed out on being versed in the history of what your writing about, therefore probably being ignorant to some of what was written. I have to give props on the atmosphere you created and the sense that the Holder was some real, active force at work.
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    Venomonology said:
    that's cool. I think you mentioned that writing thing before in a PM but I forgot to check what it was about... will do so now as I have nothing else on today.

    yeah, constantly trying to improve and try different things (online and offline). same for all of us I guess.
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    _SBU said:
    Hey man. Yeah I've not been around much recently, I've been temporarily busying myself with contributing to a writing project other than lyrics. (genII reboot of The Holders series). I've checked some of your recent lyrics here and they're all superb. They were already strong when last I was here, so its encouraging to that they continue to improve beyond that.
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    Venomonology said:
    waddup. where you been hiding this time? busy recording or other stuff?

    I'm currently back in the studio for the 1st time in a long minute, feels weird actually.. just doing a few verses for a short E.P. with some guys I know from Cardiff. lost some steps on delivery though so gotta catch that back.

    hope to see you out there more often
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    Venomonology said:
    thanks man. just looking to improve as always.
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    _SBU said:
    Hey welcome back, great to have you around. you're writing's on top form at the moment too, I appreciate the quality.
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    Venomonology said:
    waddup Chris? glad to see this place is back up. see you on the front lines.