Conversation Between aydanur89 and arsi

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    arsi said:
    no lol concentrate in ur studies that will be all
  2. aydanur89's Avatar

    aydanur89 said:
    you the men different in look....same in brain wish I could have some help but no way
    anyway I better out...gotta study crappy things you want anything?
  3. arsi's Avatar

    arsi said:
    lol how did u know that why i wanted to study in izmir? e.e i confess so instead of cake this time at 0:00 u mite get help instead of cake
  4. aydanur89's Avatar

    aydanur89 said:
    yes izmir is awesome oooo if he's in Sabancı,he must be rich confess! you want izmir just beacuse it's the city of beauties hahaha
    last year in 00.00 my dad came up with birthday cake in his hand but this time I just wanna help with test
  5. arsi's Avatar

    arsi said:
    a university here in my country u know i really wanted to come to turkey for studying especially in izmir my best friend is in turkey in istanbul in sabanci im jealous of him :/ so on 13th july u give the test then bday party?
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    aydanur89 said:
    I study English Language Teaching this is my last year and gon' have an exam on 13th July
    my birthday is on 13th july,too....hahaha wht a nice surprise for a birthday
    which university do you study dostam
  7. arsi's Avatar

    arsi said:
    yes i have heard that too forgot to mention it nannouss in internatioonal <3 well i m studying engineering in a university wat abt u?
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    aydanur89 said:
    lolz this song is also stolen by a Turkish singer 'Ozan' in his song 'yansın dŁnya'
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    aydanur89 said:
    yes dostam wht abt you? wht do you study? or you just get on the property ladder?
  10. arsi's Avatar

    arsi said:
    aha dustum its like persian dostam