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    Sorry I'm answering you so late but I've been away lately. Serbo-Croatian is an expression for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. If you learn Serbo-Croatian you're learning all of those three. They are all pretty the same but my dad say that Bosnian and Croatian were made from Serbian. Don't really know if his right. I'm not into history so much. If you speak one of this three languages you will be able to understand the other two as well since they resemble so much. The only difference is that Serbian uses ekavica. The other two use ijekavica. So if you say milk in Serbian it would be "mleko". In Croatian and Bosnian it would be "mlijeko". And there might be some words that are said differently. Hope that explains it.
    Yes I can read and write cyrillic. Serbian has less that Bulgarian or Russian don't and also the other way around. Serbian cyrillic doesn't have Й, Ё, Э, Щ, Ъ, Ь, Ы, Ю or Я.
    What could I help you with?
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    Hello I read that you live in slovenia if I'm right? and you can also speak croatian I have a question what is the diffrence between servo croatian or just croatian (hrvatski) ? I also read that you can write and read cyrillic if I write it okay but in bulgaria they have also cyrillic if I'm right I really like those languages if you can speak and write flawless slovenia could you help me with something? x