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    amaryn said:
    How'zz the job going, Mr Adel?
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    amaryn said:
    A new job! Great for you. Hope you're gonna like it and that it won't tire you out too much.
    Great you dropped in. It's always nice to hear from you.
    Inter....well, never mind. More football to come!
    See ye.
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    DR__ADEL said:
    hi there ... am here just to say hello
    life is nice and i got a new job...Tiring but nice after all...and you ?'s everything ?
    not "satisfied" by inter but it was a bad season with some pain killers such as the coppa and the world cup...anyway , benitez ruined the last season, but the next one is ours i wish , our squad is still the strongest
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    amaryn said:
    Ciao, Mr Noble of Noblest Satisfied about Inter this season? Everybody's kicking of to try again....
    How'zz life buzzing there where you are?
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    amaryn said:
    Dr Adel, Egypt trouble is known to us as trouble between christian copts and others and also the fact that you haven't got
    a new government yet (elections in september?) , but also as a place where a lot has changed as of late and the fact that
    Egyptians seem to wait and see what's next.
    Not 2 bad therefore! Hope always you're alright and can lead a kind of normal life so wellknown to us here in the North where such trouble has seemed impossible for the last 60 years (they ave had their own with the Germans and the Russians).
    Hahaha, such a political message seems almost odd: hope just you're fine mate: keep a smile on your face
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    DR__ADEL said:
    no no , i don't know how the foreign media describe the picture, but i can tell u that life is going normal in egypt.....some protests here and others there...but nothing is life changing...we have left the worst behind already
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    amaryn said:
    Thanks and grazie, Mr Adel So very nice to hear from U too. Has been a while! Didn't know you're so busy! Thought you were stuck in Egypt's problems...
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    DR__ADEL said:
    haha it's always nice to recieve ur messages
    actually my new job has taken me , but my weekend -here in egypt - is thursday and friday , and those are when i can log in and translate some songs or learn some italian lessons ..
    always nice to hear from u
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    amaryn said:
    Dr Adel! You're online today....Think I forgot you. No way. No possibile. Scrivi, per favore!
    I'm fine and hope you're doing well too
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    DR__ADEL said:
    lol yeah ...i will stay here are a kind friend i have to admit