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    Sanmayce said:
    You are welcome Zuuu, this lovely she-artist [B]Elsieanne Caplette[/B] bewitched me for good.
    She is so real and natural, [B]Elsiane - Across The Stream[/B] one of my favorite songs (since I remember myself) at (with lyrics):

    Her album [B]Hybrid [/B] is fantastic.
    An interview (just to see how calm and cool she is) at:

    Take care
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    Zuuu said:
    wow thnx u one more time!!!
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    Sanmayce said:
    Hi Zuuu,
    just wanted to share a superb new song which I found yesterday:

    I hope you to enjoy it.
    Elsiane is a honest artist:
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    Zuuu said:
    hey thnx for link..
    Delerium i adore at all...all their tracks adorable...and Conjure One aslo gr8 one..
    thnx u one more time..
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    Sanmayce said:
    Hi Zuuu,
    just saw that you liked Conjure One feat. Azam Ali - Nargis and having read your (I hope it's not) motto I recommend you to listen closely to all tracks from a former Delerium master now developing a new project named Conjure One.
    I salute you with one MORE (Nargis being a track of Exilarch album) superhit:
    Conjure One- I dream in colour (lyrics)
    I don't know for you, but this album played on Extreme-Fidelity sound system MOVES you out of 'reality' back to dreamland.