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    Doug Denslowe said:
    Where you been?Three month away?my ex has given you props again!every time she comments on my song lyrics,if you've made a suggestion,she "quotes" it with a Like!
    You should give her a shout out!
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    Doug Denslowe said:
    Thanks for the reply,but I had something specific in mind.When you have a chance,look at my reply to you.Thanks for the kind words.
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    Doug Denslowe said:
    Ive got a question for you on the Thread "Real Problems"on Lyrics Review.See what wisdom you could shed on the subject at hand!
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    Doug Denslowe said:
    Check out Louie the Lip (Lyrics Reveiw)it was written as a Rocker (natch!)but it Raps like.....
    Check it out,let me know what you think.
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    smoothtung said:
    Ok Doug I most certainly will. Thank you for the recomondation, I'm always trying to expand my play list. I will give them listen and get back to you friend. Take care
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    Doug Denslowe said:
    I would be remiss if I didn't encourage you to check out the Moody Blues at your earliest chance.They went through a couple of major personal changes,but in this case,it was for the better.(Another example would be Fleetwood Mac,a once true Blues/Rock sound that mutated into one of the most commercial successes in Rock&roll history)I like the "hits"of the Moody Blues (Tuesday Afternoon,Knights in White Satin)but look into the deep cots/albums.This is where,I think,you'll find the format our friends were referring to on your post.The one that "shouldn't be here"but is.It may take you quite a while to get to know the Moodies,take your time and give them a good shot.You may like them a lot,you may only like some of their music,but I encourage you to definely get to know them.Let me know(in a year or two) if they were your cup of (English)tea.
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    Doug Denslowe said:
    Nick,Dragon Hunt is on Page 3 on Lyrics Review.As of 8/5 that is.It doesn't have the smiley face with sunglasses,so it's a little harder to find.(It's beneath Hired Gun)which does have a sunglasses smiley face.Also will get back on that PM