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    dragonfly93 said:
    Oh really? Hehehe...I've been at it since December, on my own I have a few people I know/am friends with who speak Ro... So I guess I'll continue with that... Try learning at; they have lessons and live practice for free!

    I wish colleges around the US had Ro... I think Indiana University has over 200 languages, so maybe there...? Anyways, good luck with everything
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    JunjouLover said:
    I think I've been studying for around a year? I'm not exactly sure. I haven't ever taken formal classes, though I'm hoping that maybe when I get to college (still a long ways away) I'll take a class there. Self-study can only take you so far, I guess
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    dragonfly93 said:
    J.J.L! just so u know, there's a download I posted of Romanian lessons...
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Hey, for how long have you been studying Romanian? Do you study in school?