"Im crying every night and day,
I wanna bring it back to yesterday,
touch my heart and make it beter
its always rainig since youve been away....
Im crying day and night
just missing you
crying and crying,just missin you when your not here...
I think about the times we had laughed together!
the times when the sunshine
lighted up our rainy days
i know its sad to say goodbye.
Please come back to me its been raining since youve left.
I know you loved me and thats why
It hurt even more not having you here.
I wouldnt care if you hurt me some more.
Just as long as your right beside me.
Cause even i know love hurts sometimes.
But please just come back
back to yesterday
back to the times we laughed and played
just please bring back the sunshine
and take away the rain
just please come back....
to me.
(Can you please translate this in japanese?)