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    catherini said:
    Good luck Amaryn, I'm awaiting the results my picture was a little too small
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    amaryn said:
    it seems Amethystos instructed me on how to do it Now it's a matter of practicing and asking ZEus to stand by!
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    amaryn said:
    Have a look!!!! Ooo, Catherini mou, I have been battling quite an impossible lot, now I did it too, thanx to you , Amethystos and
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    catherini said:
    You are nearly there Amaryn mou If you go to the box which is the big A on the first line and select it, you will see all the colours
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    amaryn said:
    Thanks for the help. I am nearly there, but colour... I found all facilities going to Go advanced after changing the mode as you told me to do: smilies on the right, three rows of facilities Starting with a/A and ending with embedding,etc on the left.
    But how to paint is the mystery left.. YOU know??????
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    amaryn said:
    Hi, Catherini! Eyeoperation done and I see much better now, so life is smiling!
    Thanks for the good wishes and yes, I'll do my best to be here again, though I may not use the computer too much yet.
    Best wishes!
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    catherini said:
    Hi Amaryn I hope your operation goes well and achieves the results that you wish for. Looking forward to seeing you back on the forum again soon.
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    amaryn said:
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    catherini said:
    Happy New Year Amaryn, thank you for those nice wishes and I also wish lots of blessings for you in this forthcoming year.
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    amaryn said:
    Kali xronia, <3<3<3 and meet you this year also , nice wishes for 2012 whirling down upon you