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    dragonfly93 said:
    Oh lol, I got drenched in the rain today, thinking that I had turned into a fish

    I had gone to the Russian market and eaten there... Their Borscht was soooo good! <3

    And it poured all day during the rest of the errands, so I came home and changed immediately lol. My poor dad was trying to fly out to work but had so many delays...

    My summer is shaping up well I posted some pics on Photobucket, and posted the link in the ATL Chit Chat Caffe.
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    lopatka said:
    Heyy, zdrasti ;]] haha I'm good, thank you .. waiting impatiently for September to come so I can do something meaningful with my life :P How are you? I hope ur summer has been way more interesting than mine hah :]
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Antoniya!! Zdraveite! How are you? How's summer been?
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Oh good, glad to hear, LOL ^_^

    I probably don't have time either, but I make time
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    lopatka said:
    Hello, hello :]]] lol, work is going so well that I have absolutely no time to even check the forum, let alone the games in here :P Thank you for the invite, however ^^ Yeah, it's been very, very hot these days >< Thankfully, it's dry over here, so there's no sticky problems :P

    Cheers :P
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Hey, Antoniya! How's the job going?

    I was wondering if you've checked out the Games and Questionnaires threads yet Here's the link:

    I know Suveer has been trying to get us all to play her new game, if you'd like to join us ...

    So, how's summer where you are, hot like it is here? It's been around 100*Fahrenheit, or 40*Celsius It's gross because the humidity makes you feel like you're sticking to everything!
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Nyaaaah... Not sure about that, LOL... But as they say, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder ^_^
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    lopatka said:
    Ohhh I miss high school You're gonna miss it too, once you're out of there :P
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    dragonfly93 said:
    High school (yuck)

    Oh, well, good luck to you, too, in your job!!
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    lopatka said:
    Bonjour a toi, Anna ;] Ca va bien?

    Ohh, job-hunting is over and I've now officially joined the labor force... and it pretty much sucks Are you still in high school or are these college exams you're talking about? :] Good luck with them and with the volunteering aswell :]]