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    Tulin said:
    Wow that's cool Good luck! We're going to Eindhoven and from there to Belgium, we won't stay there so long (Friday-Sunday) but I'll try enjoy it as much as I can because I'm so tired of being here in Scandinavia
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    amaryn said:
    fine! Singing in French on thursday ; terrific brainwash I hope your exams go well! Holland &Belgium are great places to visit. Only beware of pickpockets, they're a nuisance in cities. Whereabouts there you are going?
    I was born in Rotterdam.
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    Tulin said:
    Hello amaryn I'm sorry for my late reply but as you know I've been so busy with exams and I still have exams that are waiting for me :/ and we don't have easter-holiday either, only 2 days But I'll be going to Holland and Belgium next week for the first time.. Hope it will be great.. How is life for you?
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    amaryn said:
    Tulin!!! No winter this year.. and you are at school I suppose, always preparing exams and racing towards summer.
    How'zz life, Tulin?
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    amaryn said:
    fine, Tulin. Life is kind of very changeable: august: lots of work, september Greece, october: preparations for some work this november... Writing, composing, reading, learning languages... That's bout it. Oh- and sport, of course: I start again next week after 4 months of a break! Just for fun. I like gymnastics, you know. What about that?
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    Tulin said:
    Hehe ) I just wanted to spread my love all over ATL-forum .. maybe something is going on in my little dreamland.. but I'm not sure yet
    How are you my dear?
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    amaryn said:
    t seems - seeing so many hearts- something is happening over there???.)
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    Tulin said:
    Hello nothing interesting to tell actually, I'm back to studying again at University & that's what I'm going to do for the rest of my life
    Greece is one of the places I want to visit at least once in my life so tell me was it great?
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    amaryn said:
    Hi there, Tulin. What's up, baby? Been away a lot and came home yesterday. I was in Greece. What do you do these days or what are you going to do this autumn?
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    Tulin said:
    Helloooo )