Conversation Between baby_girl_ and amaryn

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    amaryn said:
    Hoooooooooooooooooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Babygirl. No, no, don't vanish again, pleezzzzzzzzzzzz!
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    amaryn said:
    Hola What's your news? I had actually given up on you! Nice you dropped in!
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    baby_girl_ said:
    Hey..long time no see So..I'm back I just stopped to say hi Nice to "see' you again have a great week-end
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    amaryn said:
    And so do I, where'ss The Lady In Question? We're missing you!
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    amaryn said:
    Silence is a virtue, and that's undeniable/ but may it not last forever! I miss you, baby girl
    Now that spring is awakening it would be so nice to see you reappearing
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    amaryn said:
    I'll keep my promise, baby girl! The musical world is hard and because it is my job I cannot put on Youtube anything that sounds "bad": It might kill my reputation (if I have any,lol) And they milk you like cows.....
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    baby_girl_ said:
    Can't wait to hear something from you Whenever you have it, of course have a great day and good luck
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    amaryn said:
    Hi! and Hola! I'm working at it. Have some "old" recordings, but trying to find new studio for recording without going broke These days they milk you like cows Never mind, yes, the sun is rising and have patience, my dear
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    baby_girl_ said:
    Wow, that's great! I'm happy to hear that and may all your dreams fulfill! Where can I listen to some of your songs? Do you have some recordings, some links, something???? I'd really like to hear some good pieces sang by you. Have a nice day
    P.s: I'm doing just great, waiting for the spring It's right around the corner That's how I lie to myself))))
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    amaryn said:
    Baby girl! See you 2 love that Venetian pic there on Crisas wall! I sing a lot of Venetian music and hope to be invited to a Venetian festival in summertime - if THAT would succeed I'd be for once proud of myself
    How are you?