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    tigress_tim said:
    LOL! Yea it was me....I thought it's about time I add everybody back...I am still not "officially" back here....but we'll see what the future brings
    U'r welcome, and of course it was appreciated! Take u'r time I am patiently/anxiously waiting Kisses!
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    Angeliki said:
    Me neither but I got an e-mail for a friend request and so I logged on. Then i realized it was you! lol...pleasant surprise
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    Angeliki said:
    Hey there beautiful. I got your e-mail. Thank you so much for responding! I will definitely be better at keeping in touch. It makes me feel good that it is appreciated.

    Also, I only had you DJ and Jandros on there because i see Karla and others on facebook a lot.
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    tigress_tim said:
    Hey Angel !
    Nice to see you here....when I never thought I'd be here again
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    tigress_tim said:
    Nope u'r not the only person.. orwie was feeling frustrated also... but i think this is good.. i saw there are albums also where pics can be uploaded and even social groups... everything is long as this forum won't turn into another version of facebook
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    tigress_tim said:
    Hiya girl