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    amaryn said:
    Iassou, Amethystos! In the studio mostly right now, though summer decided finally to begin- for farmers a desaster really,especially for winefarmers in France. Too damn cold all spring! Fine is the word personally- singing my way through the seasons.
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    Amethystos said:
    Hi there my friend! I'm fine.
    Is now winter vacations or you have some gigs this period?
    I hope you're doing fine!
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Amethystos! How's the life treating you? Great to see you're such an active pal here! Poli kala
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    Amethystos said:
    Hi there amaryn! Yeah Panigiria have gone along with the summer!
    But hey, even during winter there is plenty of sunshine around here if you ever feel like visiting balkans!
    Hope you're doing well my friend!
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    amaryn said:
    Amethystos! Panegirit gone already? I have missed them so much this year!
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    amaryn said:
    Iassou, Amethystos- or as they say on Euboia: xerete! No, in Sothern Europe I have been on vacations, on the Peloponesos and in Roma, but work is elsewhere. Yep languages are universal, I understand quite a bit of russian, but this keyboard doesnot want me to use cyrilic fonts, so I write it as I say it I study Italian, read in Russian detectives and now prepare for a month in Spain next spring, so I must have a look at that too. It drives me positively nuts
    Nice to hear from you in Ellada.
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    amaryn said:
    Hello my thready friend;-)) It's nice to see some threads are alive and I intend to help a little in near months as I have time now. No, not travelling in your direction (yet), I was in Italy (Roma) and this winter for another month somewhere to flee the northern cold I'll let you know. Glad to have you!
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    Amethystos said:
    Hi there amigo!
    Are you ok? Any gigs in southern Europe?
    As for the threads, well someone can still find an oasis in desert.... LOL!
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    amaryn said:
    Giassou Amethystos! I see you have opened a few threads Good boy!
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    amaryn said:
    hi Amethystos! Starting to think about visiting another panagiri hopefully next year. I do really love them. Have a great weekend, my friend!