Conversation Between Experimentalist and Doug Denslowe

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    Doug Denslowe said:
    I revised(added to)my Reply on "Let's hit the Dancefloor".
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    Experimentalist said:
    I didn't realise I had closed it Doug? I'll look into it!
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    Doug Denslowe said:
    REVISED COMMENT:Why did you Close the Thread on your new song?Was it accidental?I think what's been happening is,when I'm Commenting on a Thread,if I take too long to submit my Reply,it's closes.It's says Closed Thread.But,when I return minutes's back opened!This happened on your Thread and on Save This Planet Thread.I was trying say just "the right thing",taking my time,then for some unknown reason.......Thread Closed.I guess it's best to know exactly what it is you're going to say before posting a Reply.