Conversation Between CheesyBacon and Zaffe

  1. Zaffe's Avatar

    Zaffe said:

    think its possible to turn it to something lika a song or whatever?
    my rhymes seriously sucks >.>
  2. CheesyBacon's Avatar

    CheesyBacon said:
    what is it?
  3. Zaffe's Avatar

    Zaffe said:
    lololol...i know2...i sucked xD
    you're pretty awesome =p

    ohh...and can you help me with something?
  4. CheesyBacon's Avatar

    CheesyBacon said:
    sorry man, deleted the post cuz I wanted to use one of the lines against another dude. I'll write another one now.
  5. Zaffe's Avatar

    Zaffe said:
    lol...what happened? O.o