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    amaryn said:
    Debeaux, I am awaiting to see if your lyrics reappear.... "Innocence Lost"- good you put it there again. Thanks!
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    amaryn said:
    Debeaux, what's up, mr?
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    amaryn said:
    you're obviously having a break. Tell me when you're back
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    amaryn said:
    You deleted Innocence Lost" May I ask what's the reason, Debeaux or are you rewriting it maybe?
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    amaryn said:
    Hey Debeaux! Want to join the workshop of Star? Look on my wall, you'll see the Group and just click to start joining songwriters (songs in progress). It would be nice to have you and a real honour too
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    amaryn said:
    It's nearly 2 in the morning Yes, if it's a guitar which CAN have nylon strings. They'll know,lol You must start easily.
    Most people begin with C / F / D / G / A. Knowing these and learning to play them "clean sound" will take you for a while
    I needed weeks and made little breaks (sore fingers!). Well- not anymore,lol
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    Debeaux said:
    Thanks for the tip. I was going to have new strings put on so I'll ask for nylon. I was looking on youtube and there's a lot of instructional videos on there. I may not have the patience for it, I hope I do, if not I can always learn to play the cow bell, lol
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    amaryn said:
    Starting to play guitar on nylon strings is easier than steel strings, as steel is harder, sharper and also a thinner sound than nylon strings. If you use your nails (I play only with my nails,lol) you can't even play on steel as they break in 5 minutes
    In the pic you see the kind of guitars I play: they're Spanish, all of them Hey: welcome, my friend
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    Debeaux said:
    I don't really know much about guitars but they look like steel. I bought this and some books and dvds on how to play off of a friend after he had given up. Hoping I'll do better than him.
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    amaryn said:
    Hi, Debeaux. So you're out to play the guitar,lol That's nice!It's my profession. I play Alhambra, Spanish. Epiphone is new to me. I am curious, what it sounds like. Is it classical or steel string guitar?