Conversation Between velvet_sky and Zahra2008

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    velvet_sky said:
    Hey hey chica
    hehe let's make a schedule ;pp
    At the moment I am not using Facebook;p but we could still use skype whenever you have free time of course

  2. Zahra2008's Avatar

    Zahra2008 said:
    hey hello girl, at the time you wrote at my wall, I was at the gym ... I am not always online at skype, actually I donīt use it very often, we should plan schedules ahehehe are you on facebook ??
  3. velvet_sky's Avatar

    velvet_sky said:
    Hey Zahra, how are you? pp
    where are you on Skype
  4. Zahra2008's Avatar

    Zahra2008 said:
    hello there.... hey dont need... is my pleasure!!
  5. velvet_sky's Avatar

    velvet_sky said:
    Hola Zahra! )) Thank you for the whole help in the Spanish thread!