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    miss daisy said:
    Rosy <3
    Seriously I'm overwhelmed with your welcomes guys!
    I missed you all, and I really miss you <3
    First year of college kept me really busy and I had only time to check one website which is facebook so I couldn't be a regular on ATL, but I've missed you guys, so thought I'd check
    how are you?! how's you life going?
    Thank you Thank you so much :$:$
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    red_rose said:
    Allah hears our do2aa!
    Y-O-U' - A-R- E B-A-C-K !!!

    Hoowwww have you been? Missed u!
    p.s you look like an angel mashAllah <3
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    red_rose said:
    ok i partially emptied inbox for uuuu
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    miss daisy said:
    rosy, this time your inbox is full
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    miss daisy said:
    I deleted some msgs go ahead
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    red_rose said:
    Hello - I just wrote a PM to you but apparently your inbox is full (wish my stomach was full - im starvinggg)

    anyways its persoanl so i cant put it on ur wall!!!
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    miss daisy said:
    If you're staying for a short time, you'd better buy a USB from voda or etisalat it a bit slower than the usual connection but not if you're using it in these simple things, not downloading movies I mean
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    red_rose said:
    in general how would I get internet? Is there a company I can call and ask for it?
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    miss daisy said:
    yes you read it right! Thank you soo much, your enthusiasm is rubbing off on me !! they were two tough years but it paid off eventually, so it was totally worth it!
    No actually I'm not into the Medical dad is a doctor and mum is a pharmacist and half my cousins are dentists and being me, I have to be break the family tradition but joking apart, I'm more into Sales and Marketing; since I was a kid, I would get ideas for advertising certain products and i think it would be a nice venue to be creative so I'm studying General Management inshaa Allah
    and about your internet, I don't know about the deals from voda, mobi or etsalat so I don't want to mislead..I haven't heard any reviews on them..but tell me, you mean buying the internet USB??
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    red_rose said:
    you really inspire me