Conversation Between red_rose and amaryn

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    amaryn said:
    Hi Rose! How'zz your life been treating you Always on my mind
  2. red_rose's Avatar

    red_rose said:
    no im currently in egypt and the weather is fantastic. my god purely gorgous
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    amaryn said:
    Sunshine, Redrose, nothing but sunshine: two months already glorious weather. I am so very happy about it!
    Have you got bad weather?
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    red_rose said:
    thanks whats happening in ur side of town other than rain and snow?
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    amaryn said:
    Ramadan kareem, Red Rose and may you enjoy it to the full
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    red_rose said:
    im not a regular on facebook .. but its there. i dont heavily use it. it can be fun at time but bad too... i know! thanks for ur advise tho...

    btw i've always wondered why people have felt the need to announce whetehr they are married or getting a divorce or having a affair lol on facebook. absurd right?
  7. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:
    your on fb, redrose? Careful! Idiots abundant there and identity theft just one of the smaller dangers.
    I had enough! No more for me..... How'zz your life developing? Been wondering lately about your summer!
    Take care and pop in....
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    amaryn said:
    Next week I'm not here, Redrose, but I keep dropping in to see you're fine, always hugging the bear . Just very relaxing
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    amaryn said:
    Goodmorning, Redrose (well, here the sun actually shines already at 3 oclock in the night!) and thanks for asking I did my second last concert yesterday and I am so happy it went well. Now on the 2.7. is the last one and thereafter holidays begin for some weeks. I am going to my sisters'birthdayparty in Amsterdam for a week and we all hope the weather is good as in Holland you never know. Sometimes I wish I'd live in Italy or Southern France, even Greece for weather*s sake
    I am well and hope it stays that way.
    May you be able to say the same
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    red_rose said:
    that was a very sweet msg you left me, how have you been\//\/\???