Conversation Between Suveer and dragonfly93

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    dragonfly93 said:
    Okey dokey, did u get my yahoo notice?
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    Suveer said:
    I'll talk to you guys everyday for at least 5 hours!!! I just need to clear my university exams with more than 75%!!! so wish me luck!!!
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Heh, so I see Noor's messages weren't getting to u either... So maybe it's not just me Please respond (( I miss u!
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Suveer!! I finally had the idea to post here..I'm soooo sorry!!! You don't seem to be getting my Skype or Yahoo messages(((((... I do send you a lot, but you don't respond... Maybe they aren't going thru?

    Anyways, PLEASE respond to this!!! Seni šok seviyorum!!!
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    dragonfly93 said:

    I'm being bombarded with homework. So I haven't been here or on skype or yahoo or msn much :S I think Noor feels forgotten
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    Suveer said:
    Oh yes... That's so true... And I'd been thinking that I'd be forgotten..

    I'm home from a grueling week in college.
    But it's good to sleep in my own bed and use with my gadgets and all... and I'm happy that I'll take the iPod with my to the hostel this time (since been a very very good girl and had studied very sincerely for the two weeks)

    Anyway, what's up with you two, kardesinlar?
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Been a while since I posted on your wall!!
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    Suveer said:
    Oh... I get it
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Hahaha I was hiding about a few days ago and forgot to change my status
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    Suveer said:
    BTW, may I ask this - Why are you hiding? And from whom? Your evil counterpart?? hehehe lol!