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    amaryn said:
    How's it going with your exams, Suveer? Any been already?
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    amaryn said:
    75% is a high score you aim at, Suveer. All the best with them
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    amaryn said:
    Yep Suveer, Viva is kinda weird She loves spanish and turkish, but she disgusts Dutch and I keep wondering why O,?? Lots of people wondering where Viva has disapeared to? I miss my sis badly, damn it
    Nice you're back, Suveer
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    Suveer said:
    Ooh...! Turkish, Spanish, Dutch???! Wow... That's something! Lol! but if it's Viva we're talking abt, then anything is possible!!!

    Çok özledim!! All of U! But I can't help it... I've my university exams till 6th of Jan.. And it's important to score at least first class. I'm aiming for 75%!

    So wish me luck and keep praying! I hope the paper-setters will set the paper acc to what I've read well! Lol
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    amaryn said:
    Suveer, Viva and I are into strange languages these days: Turkish is her newst conquest, not to mention Spanish and after that probably Dutch (shhh, she doesnot know that yet,secret like wikileaks
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    amaryn said:
    hi suveer! now it's my turn to be busy. But nice to hear from you!
    still like the sweet cat! Is it yours??
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    Suveer said:
    Hey... Relax... I know that you do... But I'm sorry... The studies here are wayyy too demanding. Don't get time for myself; how the hell am I supposed to be online, eh?
    I've had a lot of submissions due... It started in the starting of the last month...O_O All of it... The completion work, the checking, the dates to be filled, the practicals to be attended... phew!!!

    So I was busy, u see...
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    amaryn said:
    Wake up Suveer, we MIISSSS YOUUU! NO KIDDING!
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    amaryn said:
    Nice! I like catpurring in the night Have you happened to be on stage recently? I had to sing till two o'clock last night and I am knackered Should be in bed already Goodnight therefore. Sleep well
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    amaryn said:
    received my friendship request? When I'm with friends performing it seems also have a quieting effect on the knees I anyway don't like that
    much to travel/ sing just alone, but often I have to For women /girls it would be even worse I suppose!