Conversation Between Lya and Suveer

  1. Suveer's Avatar

    Suveer said:
    Ferman has a very nice boyish voice!XD CUTE!!!

    I know them since this jan
  2. Lya's Avatar

    Lya said:
    Yeah, their music is great and Ferman has a wonderful voice I like how they mix traditional turkish music with modern music-style. I know them just since the Eurovision contest and I can't stop listening to them since that day. Too bad I didn't listen to them before...

    By the way thanks for accept my friend request^^
  3. Suveer's Avatar

    Suveer said:
    Hey, nice to have you as a friend! I'm Suveer, as you know. And I'm a big maNga fan. They're the best Turkish band currently, I think. Their music is different from the rest of the Turks But somewhat solid traditional Turkish...That's why I like them!