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    jandros said:
    Orwaaaaaaaaaaaa! Check your email!

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    Orwa said:
    Mr. Jandros, you see Dragonfly's message? I agree with everything was said there, you have the right to leave the forum as as I believe, it's been somehow empty, but you will not ever be forgotten from anyone's memory,esepecially for me cuz I have to admit that you have given to me a very, very precious help in the English thread, so you have helped me 'personally' and I do thank you a thousand's thousand time for that, and you were also in someway one of those supporters in my in-focus thread, and you were the one who agreed to make a test for me, so you did a lot to me, I also will read this, and I will obviously post it in the thread where you said you're leaving, just, so that any 'visitor' to ATL, or any new member would know that in this forum, there were people who are 'well done', you have given a meaning for such forum, with your wisdom & humor, these are not compliments, these are the bright true...

    Greetings from the very far east.....

    Mr. Orwieeeeee
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    jandros said:
    ORWIIIIIIEEEEE!!!! How are youuuuuu???
    It is SOOOOO GREAT to see you again!!!
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    jandros said:
    No "thanks" necessary Mr. Orwito!! And about email, yeah send it!
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    Orwa said:
    Johnie sir, thank you a lot too much for asking about me, I have had a weird problem, very big one but it passed already, so, I will send you an email right now, need your suggestions and opinions, I'll send to the Yahoo email that I have

    Take care
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    jandros said:
    Orwiiiiieeee!!!! How ya doin' lil bro??
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    Orwa said:
    Dr. J, I was here too to tell you my warmest Hello's