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    dragonfly93 said:
    Orwito-kun, wow, never thought there would be a day where I saw more of you on Facebook than on ATL... :shocked:
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Orwiiiiieeeee!!! Ni hao ma?
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Orwiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!! WHere have you gone, ge ge?
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    dragonfly93 said:
    haha, I know, it's sad that everyone is leaving, it seems

    I tried to get people in the contest by PMing them...I sent out more than 20 messages about the contest, and I guess Citlalli, Suveer, Stevo, Viva, Zahra, Måneblomst and whoever came after Mares got them! Thank goodness, they decided to participate! And DJ, I told him to stay around a little longer this time... So he stayed around VERY SLIGHTLY longer, not much LOL I think he's gone off again

    Well, good luck with everything; Viva replied to your post in the Café by the way, and I wish the Café were a little more lively. Not that I don't just love the people there now, I just wish John and Tiggy were there to have fun, too ... And Mares and Zahra... Crisa is the only "veteran" of ATL still participating in the Café, I am sad to say.

    Anyways, I will see you later, amigo

    EDIT: DJ is back, again Oh, and by the way, have you stopped by to join my social group, yet? It's really popular!!
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    Orwa said:
    Muchas gracias, seems like you're the only alive member in this forum, ah if you were here a year ago, you would have found a lot of nice people who have gone, you have catched ATL at the final nice days, anyway, I did re-open the contest to remember Tiggy, but she surprised me when she said to me she does not want to be back anymore, it is ok, but I wanted to bring back the 'bright' days of ATL, but to be honest, I did not succedd, not at all

    Thanks for the welcome, greetings from the very far east
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Orwito Monkito, I am glad you're back
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    dragonfly93 said:
    Hello Orwa, sorry I missed you again!! I'm on MSN logged in all the time, so just leave a message any time and I'll find it later

    Hope you can relax a little this weekend, or at least soon!

    Wan shang hao,

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    dragonfly93 said:
    Oh, did I!!??

    well, you can send another invitation and I'll accept, if you haven't already

    hope you are at least enjoying your return to Syria!

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    Orwa said:
    Aloha Dragon Fly, thank you for caring of me, and also very much thank you for your birthday wishes, you sound soooo sweet , I am fine now, No Chinese anymore these days as I have went back to Syria to do some stuff will be back later soon

    Regarding to the msn, you have mentioned it on the forum, so it was probably me, and look, in this earth there are no many Orwa's, so whenever you see my name anywhere, that is just ME, and not anyone else

    Take care dear, hugs from the middle east
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    dragonfly93 said:
    By the way... I got an invitation on my Hotmail account by someone named Orwa, but since there are 7orwas, 5orwas, and of course 3orwas, I didn't accept. If it's you, feel free to resend But I didn't post the name of that email here, so probably wasn't you!!