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    amaryn said:
    yep, so it is. I am Dutch, live in Finland at present and sing in many languages. I enjoy this Forum tremendously, though for
    literature and poetry I use other places too. Many of us have been mainly absent during summertime, now I suppose we'll see this all coming back tolive slowly again!
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    Eccer said:
    If I am right you are from netherlands? That place still in financial crisis?? o.O Hopes the best for you pull it off somehow still Studios cost alot indeed, them people needs them money! 12 different languages, wow! Then I can see this site as really useful for you
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    amaryn said:
    I am these days a lonely trooper, Eccer, and no recordings available as I ran totally out of money. Not 'coz of addictions,LOL, just huge bills to pay when there was money and now we are stuck in a financial crisis (since 2006) which makes life tough.
    But work nonetheless. YT I don't make as quality has to be good, because that's expected by my clients and studios cost tons.
    Alas! Working hard though. Used to be a singer with a band, now I work as a troubadour really in 12 languages.
    It asks a lot of brainwashing capacities, you understand?
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    Eccer said:
    Helloh! It seems to me, you had an fantastic summer! Been lot's of outdoor time here as well. One week at Roskilde festival, 3 weeks at home chilling and long-boarding The concerts must have been a great experience! Say, you got any youtube videos of your band? Or what your band might be?
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    amaryn said:
    Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Vacation's last day really, but 10 concerts in 3 weeks luring huge on me. Smashing summer weatherwise and been more outside than inside. Cycled a lot too. The coast is only 1 mile away from here.
    Writing proceeds but also here I am extremely critical, like you. Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Eccer said:
    Good! Lot's of inspiration going on. Been reaaally workin on "The thespian oars" thingy, to the point I've hated it and despised it as **** and cliche lol. So I let my self free of thought for some weeks, and made a new poem along the way

    So hows life going amaryn? Seen any wonders or spent valuable vacation time, relaxing instead? :>
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    amaryn said:
    Over and out,lol To be contacted by this sarcastic Being Somewhere In All is to be respected. What do ye think
    Honoured by your visit, Sir
    How is the creative side developing?
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    Eccer said:
    So, just to lurk your wall with the given attention I acquire lol

    I have given my story more character now, felt it was lacking something. So it's a story about leaving your fake **** behind basically, and the process about confronting those unknown fears to say the least

    Over and out!
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    amaryn said:
    Resting, but I visit a etno festival right now, today 7 hours, and preparing for a big gig on saturday
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    Eccer said:
    Hellur Amaryn! How's you? Touring well so far? Or resting at home?