Conversation Between Nanashi and ShadowLeeSharp

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    Nanashi said:
    Are we still doing well? How have you been??
  2. ShadowLeeSharp's Avatar

    ShadowLeeSharp said:
    Lol! Thanks I love meh Robbie <3

    Yeah! I'll find a way to show you guys! Don't worry!!

    Lol @Joshie
    Hahaha okiezzzz
  3. Nanashi's Avatar

    Nanashi said:
    Lol! Oh, have you now? I'm happy for you and congratulations, dear~ I would like to see your artwork sometime in the future. I am certain Joshua would, more so.


    Show your artsies!!!!

  4. ShadowLeeSharp's Avatar

    ShadowLeeSharp said:
    Yes, well... Of joy and sadness
    Hehehe I'm happy I'm here too. I love all of my ATL friends!!

    I've been great! I'm drawing and getting so much better!! Oh, and I've gotten married to RobberBaron on ATL it's so awesome
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    ShadowLeeSharp said:
    I'll make my own heartless don't you worry. And Kingdom hearts is awesome!!

    Yes. I'm back. Much time here hehehe so happy to see you Nanashi!! what you said on the post of my Goodbye Thread was so meaningful. It brought tears to my eyes TwT
  6. Nanashi's Avatar

    Nanashi said:
    Shadow~ I am so glad you are here, dear! Do you have much time today or just stopping by?

  7. Nanashi's Avatar

    Nanashi said:
    Ah! A Heartless. Joshua would know about that better as he is familiar with it, but I have seen Kingdom Hearts a few times myself.
    It is adorable, with its sad, cute face~ Why not trying to make your own Heartless? Interesting, yes?

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    ShadowLeeSharp said:
    Haii :3
  9. Nanashi's Avatar

    Nanashi said:
    You are leaving? Noooo~ I will miss you so much, my dear! I wish you all the best in the world. Perhaps one day you will stop by again? I will look forward to it. With all my love,

  10. ShadowLeeSharp's Avatar

    ShadowLeeSharp said:
    I'm just fine dear Nanashi!
    I just recently wrote a song "A New Beginning". So I restarted my whole new life of writing yay meeee <3

    N thanks!! But it isn't a bunny, these a game called Kingdom Hearts. It's called a Heartless it's so cute.
    I know they HAVE to be drawings but not one of mine