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    basso said:
    Hi, I was reading your vocab. of greek expressions and i noticed that you have agoraphobia. I have it as well and if i am in a place with lots of people i feel the urge to head for the door. It's like the room gets very small and not enough air to breathe. I can totally understand how you feel. Enjoy your day!
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    basso said:
    I just looked at your vocabulary of greek expressions. It's awesome and so helpful knowing idiomatic phrases. Thank you so much for all that work you did.
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    basso said:
    Hi Maria. I am new to this site and am still learning how to navigate it. I think you friend requested me and I hope i did the right process in order to accept it. If not, please try again. Your contributions here are immeasureable and I would like having you as a friend, just as you are.. !..
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    basso said:
    Hello Maria. I was wondering if you'd know if Epirus has or had its own dialect. If so, and if you happen to know could you give me perhaps a couple examples of it?..I would so appreciate it!